“An Australian Settlement Journey”

A multilingual documentary series for SBS Television and The Australian Government

Can you imagine what must it be like to a refugee who is about to start a new life in Australia? What questions would they asking themselves as they await transportation to a new country?  The country where they will start a new, and hopefully, better life? 


These were life changing questions that Lifebuoy Video had the opportunity to investigate in a unique, 3 month,  production filmed around Australia. Lifebuoy Video worked closely with The SBS In language team to produce a series of documentary clips for The Australian Cultural Orientation (AUSCO) Program. AUSCO gives practical advice about the journey to Australia and provides an overview of life in Australia and an introduction to the services available to refugees in the initial settlement period. 


The video's, split into 16 chapters, was recently launched and is now available for online viewing on the Department’s YouTube channel in 11 languages.

Here are the English versions on youtube
This is the link for the government website that hosts all versions in 11 languages.

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